General safety


We love having children, and watching them run around the park is what we are here for. However:

Please no children over 11 on the play area, its not built for them and they could injure themselves or the smaller children. Likewise, our toddlers area is for children 5 and younger, please can you ensure that your children stick to this. We had to close our toddlers area last year due to damage caused by the older children (not deliberately, just being kids & not adhering to the signs).

Please no children running around the site after dark and also accompany them to the toilets & wash areas. Any children annoying other guests will be returned to parents/guardians to deal with. If we have to ask twice, you will be leaving the next day.

Noise Nuisance

We are a holiday park and guests will enjoy themselves. We ask that you are always respectful to other guests especially in the evening.

Noise travels much further in open countryside and especially at night. We expect guests to turn music off at 10.30pm and lights out by 11.00pm to ensure that everyone can have a restful nights sleep.

If noise is disturbing you please call Phil on 07549 316301. We'd prefer that this was at 11.30 but if its later don't let that put you off, we will still deal with it.

If its you causing a disturbance then be aware, we will only ask once!

Drinking water

There are taps at our water points throughout the park (shown on our map).

All taps are for drinking water but you should run the tap first for a few seconds, and also please let us know if there are any leaks.

Washing up

We have washing up facilities near the the glamping toilets and shower area.

Please leave the sinks as you would wish to find them and ensure that you turn the hot-water tap off when you have finished with it.

We would be grateful if you could tip fat and small food waste iin the metal tins provided. We make them into fat balls which the small birds love,.

All other food waste should be placed in the compost bins provided in the interests of the environment.

No! you cant was small dogs in the sink

Inflatable pools

Unfortunately we can no longer allow inflatable pools.

The damage caused in both filling, spillage and emptying the pools causes havoc with our grass pitches and has made them unusable for several days.

Fortunately we have several beaches and swimming pools locally so children will be able to splash about to their hearts content.

Rubbish & Recycling

You should put all general waste in the large wheely bins on the way to the exit.

For recycling, please use the marked bins for

  • Glass Bottles

  • Milk cartons & other recycling plastics

  • Paper & card

  • Foodstuffs

These are situated between the touring and camping areas.

Please do not leave household waste (eg: deckchairs, windbreaks, toys and caravan parts. Our waste collectors wont accept them so please take them home with you.

In addition, when you are putting foodstuffs in the compost bin, can you please remove it from the packaging. Plastic bags don't compost.