Dogs on leads

We usually have considerate dog owners but we remind you that dogs must be kept on a short lead & kept under control. We know that your dogs are friendly, obedient and well behaved but we also have guests who are not fond of dogs.

Out of respect for all our guests please ensure that your dog is not allowed to roam freely.  Which leads us onto  the next point....

Dog Hygiene

Can you please ensure that you clear up after your dogs. Apart from being common courtesy, it is also very unpleasant for children & adults who may discover your pets gift.

Bags are available from reception and you can dispose of these in the general waste bins provided. 

I hope that you will understand that this is in everyones interests.

Unsocial Dogs

Dogs that are included within the Dangerous Dogs Act (most recently XL bully's)  are not permitted, and guests will be asked to leave if we see one.

‘The Park’ reserves the right to refuse certain breeds of dogs. 

Do not leave your dog unsupervised at any time or in the charge of young children. Do not allow them to annoy your neighbours or foul areas around the park. 

If your dog is noisy and unsociable you will be asked to remove it from the Park and it will not be permitted to return, 


You will often see our horses in the adjoining fields, they are lovely to look at but must not be fed under any circumstances.  They are often under medical supervision  and are on strict nutritional diets..

In addition, the younger ones can get over excited and nip at fingers. 

Dogs must not be allowed near the horses fields, they can distress and even injure the horses.