Thank you for choosing The Pretty Thing for your break. This directory contains everything that you might want to ask, along with insider tips and local knowledge for making the most out of every moment of your holiday at The Pretty Thing.

Do I really need all this info?

Apart from the important health & safety info, honestly, yes you really do. You would still have a good time here without it, but if you're looking for the suggestions for lovely local walks, where to find the best fish & chips, takeaways & deliveries, fresh cream cakes, and where to get bird seed to get the best views of the birdlife outside your window, this is the guide for you!

Do I have to print it?

From an environmental standpoint, we try as hard as we can to reduce wastage. This guide has been designed as a mobile friendly web page so that you can save a link on your phone and access it whenever you need. Also, searching for the information you need should be much easier. We hope you agree.

What next?

Explore this guide at your leisure, please pay attention to the health and safety info, both for your benefit and that of our other guests. We are continually updating the guide so keep refreshing your link and if you have any suggestions, or recommendations please let us know here

Happy planning,