Driving safely

The speed limit on park is 5mph, we are a family park and naturally children will run around and play.

This is something we take very seriously so please pay attention. If you are caught speeding, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the park immediately.


Parking is allowed next to caravans and camping tents. Please park next to your caravan/tent with regard to other campers, leaving them plenty of space. We know that campers especially will use their cars for charging phones etc but be careful that you don't drain your car battery.

Guests in Philomenas's garden (our Glamping area) have dedicated car parking adjacent to the glamping area. Please park in the space allotted, we have enough parking for each guest.

Vehicle movement

Please keep movement to an absolute minimum once you have arrived as children will be running around. The speed limit is 5mph and will be enforced.

Please don't drive after dark and when you leave the park keep your headlights on low beam.

*When the ground is very wet we may enforce a no movement policy. If your vehicle needs towing please ask us and we will tow you safely, with the minimum of damage to the ground. Please dont continually rev your engine! it wont work. We dont charge for towing but we wont accept any responsibility for damage to your vehicle. Fair enough?

Washing & car repairs

You're here on holiday so spend time with your family, relax & leave repairs & washing until you get home.

Your neighbours have come for a relaxing break, not to watch you working or suffer from the noise of routine car maintenance.

If you have a breakdown you can call a breakdown service (please let us know that they are on their way).

*Please also see comments about cars & caravans becoming stuck in mud.